5 tips to get a chiseled face within two months

January 21, 2013

A chiseled face is irresistibly attractive to everyone. However, most of us struggle with getting rid of a double chin or find our good looks hidden by chubby cheeks. Here are 5 easy tips that can help you get a chiseled face in less than 2 months.


5 tips to get a chiseled face within two months

1. Lower your overall body fat content

A chubby face is indicative of a higher body fat percentage. If you want your face to look lean, mean and supremely chiseled, you would need to work on lowering your overall body fat percentage.

2. Eat more lean proteins

A diet that is high in lean proteins is more satiating than a high carbohydrate diet which means that a person on such a diet is likely to eat less junk food and put on less weight over time. Lean protein diets also help people lower their overall body fat percentage more easily which automatically helps your face look more structured.

3. Anti cellulite oil massages

The fat deposited in our cheeks and chin is amongst the most stubborn and most people find it hard to get rid of them. If you too are struggling to eliminate the fat in your chin and cheeks, you may consider getting a regular jaw, chin and cheek massage using an anti-cellulite oil or gel.

4. Sit up straight

Your facial skin will continue to appear sagging and less taut if you have a habit of sitting in a bad posture with your jaw pointed towards your chest. Eliminating this single bad habit instantly makes your jaw line look more chiseled and well shaped.

5. Chew gum and drink from straws

The mechanisms involved in chewing gum and drinking from straws puts a lot of strain on the lower half of your cheeks and the jaw line. The more you practice these repetitive movements, the higher are your chances of exercising and developing the underlying facial muscles in your cheeks, jaw line and neck.

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