Fatty girls more prone to Asthma

February 4, 2012

When it comes to asthma, overweight girls are three times more prone to it than the girls with normal body weight. Putting forward this equation, Australian researchers believe that female sex hormones might be at fault. This conclusion is based on the study that tracked about 1500 girls, measuring their body mass index (BMI) when they were just 7 years of age and after measuring it 25 years later. Finally, researchers concluded that non-asthmatic girls in the top 25 per cent for BMI were three times more susceptible to respiratory problems when compared to girls with lowest BMI. Commenting on the finding researcher John Burgess, from the School of Population Health said: It adds to a growing body of evidence detailing the harmful long-term effects of excess weight in childhood. This is quite a startling finding; however, previous studies have also associated obesity with an increased risk of asthma. For instance:- � Asthma ‘linked to obesity’ � Obesity and asthma are linked . . . really Interestingly, a study considers obesity-asthma equation applicable just for women and not for men. May be findings of this study true and may also not be. However, one fact remains intact that obesity (overweight or higher BMI) is the mother of several other health problems. Therefore, every effort should be made to prevent its intrusion into our lives. Image credit: Photo Bucket Via: News

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